Excelleer je bedrijf met de gepersonaliseerde visitekaarten

Maak een sterke teamindruk met gepersonaliseerde visitekaartjes

The personalized business cards can be printed in the corporate identity of your company. This networking method enables sharing data with future contacts within seconds. When you tap or scan the card, a pop-up to the Mybusinesscard digital environment appears. Open the pop-up and save the profile. Additionally, it's possible to directly share your own information using the "share my details" button.

Hoe werkt het?

Mybusinesscard enables sharing data with a simple tap or scan.

Place an order

The first step is to place an order through the webshop or the request form. The minimum number of business cards is 5.

Web Design

Leave the design to our in-house specialist. Please share the logo, branding, and other preferences with our team.

We print

We deliver the cards in print quality. This means that we apply the most advanced printing techniques to achieve the best finish.

We deliver

We deliver the business cards within 2 working weeks for personalized cards.

All-In Dashboard

The online environment of Mybusinesscard provides insight into all cards with the Admin account. Through the online environment, it's possible to make adjustments easily, it provides insight into network activity, and it's possible to uniformly manage all cards.

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