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Sustainable business cards from Mybusinesscard

The most efficient and environmentally conscious way of networking: sustainable business cards from Mybusinesscard make it possible. By using innovative techniques such as an NFC chip and a QR code, you share contact data contactless with your connections. Leave a good first impression without wasting plastic or paper: it’s possible with an eco-friendly business card from Mybusinesscard!

A business card that
keeps you going

A Mybusinesscard business card is a smart and sustainable choice. Our digital business card will last for years. Every year, as many as 7.2 million trees are cut down to produce paper business cards. This causes a lot of CO2 emissions. Moreover, about 90% of paper business cards are lost, forgotten or accidentally thrown away. Sustainability is central to us. With an eco-friendly business card we help you to switch to an efficient, effective and sustainable way of exchanging contact information.

Eco-friendly business cards: our solution

Our ”green” cards are made of bamboo and save a lot of CO2 compared to paper business cards. Even compared to paper business cards made from recycled paper.

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Trees for all: enrich nature

At Mybusinesscard, environmentally friendly networking is of paramount importance. With every purchase of an eco-friendly business card, we plant a tree for Trees for All. In this way we contribute together to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions.
Go for eco-friendly networking with 100% recycled paper. Choose sustainable business cards from Mybusinesscard.

Sustainable and functional

The bamboo business cards from Mybusinesscard are not only sustainable, but also functional. You can instantlyshare contact information such as name, contact number, email, links to social media channels and much more. You can change your data anytime, anywhere.

Design your business card yourself
or leave it to our designers

You can easily place an order on the website. Design your business card yourself or leave it to our designers. We print your card and secure it with precision. Your card is then ready for shipment. Upon receipt, you can tap the card or scan it with the QR code. You will be given the option to register.

Now follow the steps below to activate your card.

Create an account

After registration you will be logged in automatically.

Personalize your profile

Start personalizing your own digital card. Choose a profile picture, a banner and write a bio! Complete your profile.

Save your card

Mybusinesscard is now ready to use. Try it out quickly and share your contact information within seconds.

Large request? Request
a custom quote!

Mybusinesscard users believe that with the help of eco-friendly visiting cards, sales of their products or services have increased and they have noticed a huge growth in connections and leads. A one-time investment that has given their business a huge boost. Even after the purchase, our experienced people are there for you 24/7. We have thousands of satisfied customers who use Mybusinesscard every day.

Large request? Request a custom quote! Contact us via the contact form. You can confidently leave the printing of PVC business cards to the specialists at Mybusinesscard. We are also your partner for your metal business card and PVC business card.

Order your environmentally friendly business card today and go for connection, leads and sales growth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who still uses paper business cards?

Paper business cards are outdated and obsolete. Mybusinesscard offers an online, sustainable and functional alternative: a business card you can share endlessly.

How many eco business cards do I need?

You only need 1 eco-friendly business card.

What else are you doing for sustainability?

We develop recyclable business cards and are also committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. This means that we minimize the effects on people, animals and the environment in all processes within our entire business operations. In addition, we plant a tree with every purchase of an eco-friendly business card.

Are your business cards really that sustainable?

Yes. Unnecessary waste of paper is a thing of the past. You have 1 digital business card and that’s it. This makes this sustainable business card cost effective too!

What is the delivery time on your eco-friendly visiting cards?

Premium business cards are delivered within 1-2 days. Personalized cards are delivered within 1-2 weeks.