PVC Business Card

PVC Card

PVC business card from Mybusinesscard

A sustainable and effective solution A PVC business card is a digital business card that increases the efficiency of new sales in business and connectivity with leads and customers. PVC business cards are a convenient way to generate additional growth to keep customers loyal to your business.

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. Due to its features such as flexible, wear-resistant, strong and easy to process, the PVC material is a very suitable material for making an online business card. Business cards made of PVC can take a beating, are waterproof and also beautifully finished. Our business cards are also equipped with NFC technology.

Unnecessary waste of paper

Unnecessary waste of paper is a thing of the past. You have 1 digital business card and that’s it. This makes a PVC business card a sustainable solution and also cost-saving!
Share contact details and leave a good first impression: it’s possible with a PVC transparent business card from Mybusinesscard!

Have PVC business cards designed

You can design your PVC business card yourself. Smart entrepreneurs outsource the designing of a PVC business card, so that they can fully focus on the success of the company. We take care of the rest: a unique design of your online business card that suits your organization. Whether it needs to be a modern, stylish or simple PVC business card, we will create a design that you are proud of and you will leave an indelible impression with!

Our business cards can be personalised. You can decide what should be included on your digital business card. Think of a logo, name and website address and email address. But you can also, for example, display your social media profiles.

The benefits of our
PVC business cards

With a PVC business card, you can instantly share contact information such as your name, contact number, email, links to social media channels, and much more. You can change your data anytime, anywhere. A PVC business card has many advantages.

Unlimited sharing of contact information

Such as website URL, email address and social links

Always up to date

Because you manage your Mybusinesscard information digitally, the information you share is always correct and to your liking


Unnecessary waste of paper is history. You have 1 digital business card and that’s it. This makes this durable PVC business card also cost-saving!

Equipped with NFC chip

Our business cards are equipped with an NFC chip. This way you can easily link to your digital business card

Online environment

With a PVC business card you have your online environment in one card and in your pocket 24/7

Own design

Mybusinesscard makes it possible to personalize the card completely according to your wishes.

Trendy and safe

A digital business card is a trendy and secure way to share contact information of a person or company. A PVC business card is the digital business card of the future. Share your desired data within seconds.

PVC card printing:
here’s how it works

Our custom features make our cards different from others. Many colors and other features are available to meet the requirements of different businesses and professions.
Have you chosen a beautiful design for your business card? Then it’s time to print your PVC business card. You can have a PVC business card designed, but of course you can also have a business card printed with your own design. The business cards are double-sided and printed in full color in bank card format.

Large request? Request
a custom quote!

Mybusinesscard users believe that with the help of PVC business cards, sales of their products or services have increased and they have noticed a huge growth in connections and leads. A one-time investment that has given their business a huge boost. Even after the purchase, our experienced people are there for you 24/7. We have thousands of satisfied customers who use Mybusinesscard every day.

Large request? Request a custom quote! Contact us via the contact form. You can confidently leave the printing of PVC business cards to the specialists at Mybusinesscard. We are also your partner for a metal business card and an NFC business card.

Order your PVC business card today and go for connection, leads, and sales growth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why PVC business cards?

With PVC business cards you can share contact details and leave a good first impression. In addition, PVC business cards have many advantages, including an NFC chip, always being up to date, and unlimited sharing of contact information.

How much do PVC business cards cost?

PVC business cards are already available from EUR 29.95

Where can I order PVC business cards?

You can order PVC business cards at Mybusinesscard.

Are your products really that sustainable?

Yes. The unnecessary waste of paper is history. You have 1 digital business card and that’s it. This makes this sustainable PVC business card also cost-saving!

How fast can you deliver?

Premium business cards are delivered within 1-2 days. Personalized cards are delivered within 1-2 weeks.