NFC Business Card

NFC Card

A sustainable and effective solution

NFC business cards from Mybusinesscard are digital business cards that allow you to easily transfer your contact details to a potential customer’s smartphone. Our NFC business cards are available in different materials, such as Eco-PVC, metal and certified bamboo.
NFC business cards make it possible to share your contact information and socials with just one tap or QR scan. This means that unnecessary waste of paper is history. All you need is one NFC digital business card and you’re good to go. That’s what makes this contactless business card a sustainable and effective solution!
Sharing contact details, making an impact on your network and fighting waste: you make it happen with NFC business cards from Mybusinesscard!

Unique appearance

An NFC business card has a unique design, it will be the eye-catcher you leave an indelible impression with.

Always up to date

Change your contact details in real-time and unlimited.


Your sustainable business card for a better planet.

Device support

Our contactless business cards work on (almost) all devices that use Android and iOS software.

Digital business cards with NFC technology

Our digital business cards with NFC function work with an NFC chip. As soon as you hold your business card up to a device, such as a smartphone or tablet, it makes an instant connection. Your information will then be exchanged, completely wireless.

Manage your card in our online environment

You can easily manage your NFC business card in our online environment. Once you have created an account, you are able to log in through the website at any time. Here you can manage and edit all your information. Put the spotlight on yourself and your company, all from your personal profile.

Networking with NFC business cards: these brands preceded you

All of our Mybusinesscard users experience the convenience of networking with NFC business cards. These brands preceded you.

Using your card: this is how it works

Have you received your business card? Then you can tap or scan the card with the QR code. Now you will be given the option to register.
Follow the steps below to activate your card.

Create an account

After registration you will be logged in automatically.

Personalize your profile

Start personalizing your own digital card. Choose a profile picture, a banner, and write your bio. Add all the socials you want to share with your future business partners.

Save your card

Mybusinesscard is now ready to use. Try it out and share your contact information within seconds!

NFC business cards: the benefits

With your NFC business card, you can share contact information with just one tap or scan. You can change your data anytime, anywhere. And while doing so, you are also contributing to a better environment. In other words, our NFC business card has many advantages!

AVG proof

Our dashboard is secure and compliant with AVG standards. This way you are assured that your login and contact details are safely stored in your admin account.

Sustainable choice

10 billion paper business cards are printed every year. That is 27 million per day! After handing them out, 88% of these cards end up in the trash within 1 week. And only 9% store your contact details digitally. With a digital business card, there’s no more unnecessary paper waste. You only need one NFC business card and that’s all!

Trees for All: we plant a tree for every purchase

With our Mybusinesscard community, we support recognized climate projects. With every purchase of a digital business card, we plant a tree for Trees for All. Together we can contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions. Order your NFC business card and join our community!

Personalized design

Mybusinesscard makes it possible to personalize your card completely to your wishes. Choose the design, layout, and other design options to achieve your perfect result.


Quality and NFC business cards go hand in hand. The business cards are made of the best materials and printed with a high-quality offset.

How can I order an NFC business card

You can easily order your custom NFC business card in our online shop. Provide us with your own design or leave the design of your card to our creative designers. After you are satisfied, we will print your custom NFC business card and ship it to you.

Large order?
Request a custom quote

Mybusinesscard users believe that with the help of our NFC business cards, the sales of their products or services have increased. They also noticed a huge growth in connections and leads. Our NFC business card is a one-time investment that has given their business a huge boost. Even after the purchase, our service team is available to you 24/7. That’s why we have thousands of satisfied customers who use Mybusinesscard every day.

Large order? Request a custom quote! Contact us via the contact form. We print your NFC business card with the utmost care. Mybusinesscard is also your partner for your metal NFC business card or your PVC business card.

Order the best NFC business cards today and make more impact on future business relationships!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an NFC business card work?

An NFC business card works through an NFC chip. With the NFC chip and QR code you can share your contact details within seconds. As a Mybusinesscard customer, you can manage your data in real time through your admin account that also shows you the number of scans.

Is an NFC business card really more sustainable than a paper business card?

Yes, unnecessary waste of paper is history. You have one digital business card and that’s it. No more stacks of paper business cards!

How fast can you deliver?

Premium business cards are delivered within 1-2 days. Personalized cards are delivered within 2-3 weeks.

How do you create an NFC business card?

Leave the designing to the design specialist. Provide us with your logo and corporate identity. Do you have your own design? Then we will make sure you get the right dimensions. We take care of the entire purchasing process for you!

Where can I order NFC business cards?

You can order NFC business cards at Mybusinesscard.