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Digital Identity

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We build a digital identity for companies, people and products. Your online business card is easy to share through QR codes and NFC applications. MyBusinesscard is a sustainable alternative to paper business cards. Share your contact details faster, more efficiently, and more sustainably.
You can easily update your business card at any time, so your network always has your most recent contact details. MyBusinesscard is available in ECO-PVC, metal, and certified bamboo.

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An unforgettable first impression on your potential customers with just one simple tap or scan. Share all your relevant contact details easily, contactless and quickly. Collect leads and build a strong network.
Ready to grow your business? Go for a next level network experience and create your business card today!


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Easily share all your relevant contact information, always and everywhere. Boost your networking experience.


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Your phone number, email address, website address, and links to your social media profiles are saved in your prospect’s contact list in only one click.

Our Features

Your online environment in one card, accessible 24/7

With MyBusinesscard you have your online environment in one card and 24/7 in your pocket.

Forget printing and handing out business cards every month with just your phone number and email address on them. Save time and money with my business card and never pay for paper business cards again.

Easily put your brand in the spotlight and let people choose your company. And this without an app.

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NFC Chip

Place your business card on your phone to share data

Plug & Play

Share all your important contact information without an app

Device Support

Work on (almost) all devices that use Android or iOS software

A greener World

We are committed to lower paper waste and deforestation. At the same time, we plant new trees and support the ecosystem, because we believe that trees are needed for a healthier and better world. This is possible with just one business card. Will you contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity, and better health and living conditions?