Elevate Your Brand with Personalized Business Cards

Making a Strong Team Impression with Custom Business Cards

Custom cards are our NFC driven Business cards printed with your logo and preferences. Our NFC business cards allow your team to share their contact details, socials and website in matter of seconds. When you tap or scan My Business card it sends your profile through a pop-up to your contact. Open the pop-up to showcase your profile and it is ready to be saved.

How does it work?

My Business card makes it possible to share all your relevant contact details with one business card with a simple tap or scan.

Make Your Order

The first step is to place an order with the right number of business cards. How big is your team? A minimum of 5

Web Design

Leave the designing to our in-house specialist. Provide your logo, key colors, and special preferences to our team

We Print

We carefully print and code your cards with the best possible quality and upmost precision in all your favorite…

We deliver

We deliver your goods within 2 workweeks when ordering custom printed business cards.

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ALL-IN Dashboard

The Mybusinesscard dashboard provides your company with insight into all business cards of your employees. This allows for easy access to all business cards of your team, facilitating easy adaptations. Furthermore, it offers an overview of your employees’ network activity and enables you to maintain a uniform design.